Friday, November 9, 2007

VINTAGE Computer Fair !!! Mountain View, CA

This was a weird and fun thing I got in the middle of...

My old CON BRIO synthesizer has never worked in the 11-12 years I've had it. I finally found an "old computer expert" up near San Jose, and he was intrigued to help me fix it. (Inside it's basically 5 computers from 1980). We were hoping to get it ready for his annual "Vintage Computer Fair" a few weeks later...

On the way, I discovered one of the original inventors lived nearby. He gave me his own CON BRIO (now I have two of the four built) to help the project along. We finally got his working with some donations from my machine.

Off to the show... (you can click on the pics and they will get bigger)

The two CON BRIO Synthesizers, side by side. First time one of them has made a sound in over 20 years... my old one on the left, new one (running) on the right.

OLD computers? Yes. You know the Apple II, very famous. But this is the Apple ("Apple 1", but they didn't have numbers before the "II", so just really The Apple.) But more than that, it IS the very first one ever made - #1. In those days, you bought it like this and added your own power and keyboard and TV screen. More on screens later...

This LINC was the first "personal computer" made for one person, not a company or university. The original inventors took three old ones and got one working one as a result! 1962 LINC, big overall winner at the show!

This table was called "The History of Laptops". Exciting, the lines were long!

I think this is the secret new Mac Ibook for next year!

SLICK !!!! But what does it.... uh.... do?

This guy built a computer out of Erector sets and gears. It actually WORKED and did plotting of differential equations and sine waves etc.... popular.

It could have been called "SCREEN CITY" there in the building. Awesome screens all around!

This one NOT so productive a screen!

I liked this little screen guy so much I pondered it (as did someone else) to see what we MIGHT wanna hook it up to...

But were there nerds, or geeks there, you say? None, no. Sorry, not at a vintage computer fair!

Q-Bert shirt and Commodore PET computer shirts...

"I Adore My (Commodore) 64" shirt!

Glasses, pocket protector with pens/pencils, and his
OFFICIAL Star Trek laminate Captain's badge!

Weird - Commodore PET (like in the shirt above)

This is the COOOOLEST computer ever made.
OK, the name does it, but ignore that and then see how
beautiful the design is. Wow...

And back to our own - a beauty. It was a big hit and won awards for "Most Obscure" (hard to beat this) and for "People's Choice" (tied for first with the Erector Set guy!)

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Alex G. said...

Wow that's really awesome. They always have that cool stuff on the west coast. I visit Mountain View once a year, I wish they would hold this in Feb!