Monday, November 5, 2007


Testing 1,2... a new web log!

OK- Inspired by friends' discussion of online web logs, I decided this would be an easy way to share photos I've taken recently, without having to resort to mass/custom emails and photo archives. Maybe I will make some new friends (yet don't need any new ones, as the old ones still work fine).

This is mostly for pics - and "Images" was taken, so I am using the far more meaningful "IMAGES" by Tyrone Greene title. I bet you know it...

I will not write about the time I was in the KISS movie "Phantom of the Park", or the time my pet Degu bit right thru my hand, the Christian guy in the Hendrix shirt! No - those are stories FROM my friends' own web logs that inspired this; I will fake my own here.

BTW - they are actually not "BLOGs", they are Web Logs, and if you don't have time in your life to SAY "web log" you shouldn't be messing around here - nothing here has value.



Jovanka said...

I'm so glad you've found this outlet for your craft. That is one hot-looking car. I mean it.

Dan said...

My Land Lord

Some things never fade...