Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why do I live in L.A.?

So I can see things like THIS (all in one week, and these are just the ones I had a camera around for...)

Just like it looks - a boat crashed into a car in an intersection. NO other car was around, just what you see here. I don't know how, I just saw it and had to get it.

Huh? 18' wheels on the Left, and 15" on the right or...
Maybe they're taking home their solid-brass lifesize Michael Jackson statue.

Window display from the wig shop down the street. I don't think they are the BEST wig shop in town. Just the most inspired!


Jovanka said...

Love love love the before and after shots! Especially the Amish makeover!

Lisa Jane Persky said...

I photo'd these guys in different hair a few years ago. The looks were no more and no less successful.

Brian said...

I think they keep changing them over the years, so they will be "up with the kids today" in style.