Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hometown News:

KIDS HAPPY LAND again - it never gets old! This shot shows how popular it is!

Miss Morgana and I went to Disneyland a week ago, and got the scoop on one of their deep secrets: We were wondering how the posted signs say "Wait Time: 25 minutes" with any accuracy. Here's how - they hand some customer this card and say "Hand this to the attendant when you get to the ride." We thought we could sell the card on ebay to Disney geeks for zillions! Gotta be rare. But we were good and handed it to the clerk at the ride - and he promptly did nothing with it for as long as we watched! Didn't check his watch or anything... accuracy shmacuracy!

One of the things I see around my town that others don't.

Unique! An advertizing URINAL CAKE for Gene Simmons' Family Jewels reality show. When you pee, it triggers it and it SAYS "Gene Simmons Family Jewels... New season on A&E". I never once thought of stealing it from this location, but I wondered how much it would be worth in the future?

Another thing I see in my daily life, that many people might not....

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Jovanka said...

I love the dinosaur trophy. Definitely not something I see in Belgium very often.