Sunday, November 2, 2008

Alright, I will....

On another trip home I shot this from the plane window: HERE shows where my apt. is... weird to find it from this wide a shot. Puts it all in perspective, and explains the parking issues.

It might NOT be so impressive now when you hear people say "We're playing the Hollywood Bowl!"

Kitchen table aftermath of Monica's sister's birthday in Oklahoma City; drinkers of ALL kinds.

The (in)famous Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow airport. They lost about 20,000 bags the first day it opened, just last year. Yikes. But this was even more chilling - the 6th floor up has GLASS floors going to the elevators. Psycho. I know many people (Hi Dad) who would never go near that.

They don't really have earthquakes there, either, but we Californians always think of places you would not want to be in one - Terminal 5, above OR below!

Mmmmm.... dessert at my fave restaurant - Andina in Portland.

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Jovanka said...

I like that drinking picture!

You know that there are probably certain people who spend their days standing under Terminal 5 looking up.