Saturday, May 17, 2008

Glastonbury Mudfest !!

We played at the UK's most (in)famous festival; Glastonbury. Great crowd and lotsa great music. But the MUD was SO SO SO SO bad. Not that they can control the weather, but pick a better place for it or something... imagine walking through 14" deep chocolate pudding,

Catering tent for the rock stars and crews. Yuk.
Orchestral players near the stage!
Backstage for the rockstars - a nice walkway!
7am (our load in after leaving Liverpool at 2 am!). Good thing the breakfast tent was over a mile away. Yum.

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Jovanka said...

This must be from last year, right? (Or the year before)
When ever I think back on Glastonbury I think of waking up half-drowning in a flooded tent and MUD.....I still have tiny chunks of Glastonbury mud permanently imbedded on the underside of my pink Wellingtons.