Monday, March 10, 2008

Timing is everything.

Just look at the TIMES I put all these posts up. Hmmm....


Anonymous said...

you know, i came here to say something snarky i hoped you would find amusing like "hey don't knock that 2600 ... don't you realise it was used on Tortoise records!?!?" as i pretty much agree with you about that audio upgrade but i was impressed anyone would say anything which might possibly be construed as negative about an instrument that particular god of indie rock would be selling.

however i didn't realise the guy pointing out maybe changing the basic character of a 2600 wasn't quite a good idea was a guy who did some albums which if i had bought vinyl of instead of mp3s i would have worn out several times over. some rock covers played with old keyboards and such.

good job on that stuff. not sure what was you and what was roger, but i enjoy them quite a bit.

Brian said...

I think it's GOOD to be posting a contrary opinion - everyone thinks that "it's all good because someone told me". Nah!

Same as when we liked old synths and no one else did. You do what you want to do - regardless.

(And Thanks!)