Monday, March 10, 2008

Onward... to the future!

PINBALL Wizard is SO passe now....
(looks like Roger!)

Miss Lisa Jane Persky, nee Miss Lisa Jane Persky-Zax, looking cool preshow at the Hollywood Bowl. Of all the Hootie shows we saw this year, this one was in the top 30...

Me, recording in 1733 at the Ben Franklin studio
(anyone know this reference?)


Jovanka said...

Wow! I finally got to see Lisa Jane Persky!! Yaaaay!

My guess for the reference of the photo of you is that it was taken the night of the mock "Spice Girls" video? Am I right?

Lisa Jane Persky said...

whoa. I can pour without looking?
One more thing I did not know about mice elf.
Hey Jovanka!