Saturday, October 2, 2010

Mismatched motorcycle...

One thing that bugs me. History preserved wrongly. Museums in particular should not do it; c'mon they install something and let it sit (credibly) for months or years. Here's a good example, in that Harley Davidson museum I showed a bit ago.

They claim to have on display - not the original, but a dead-on "down to the last bolt" replica of the famous "Captain America" chopper that Peter Fonda rode in Easy Rider. Here it is, and next to it, a photo of the real one used, showing that their replica is NOT EVEN CLOSE.

Look at the headlight, its position, the cross-braces on the handlebar, the handbrakes, the stars on the gas tank, the mirrors, etc etc etc.

Coming soon, I expect to be showing a "Sgt Pepper jacket"exhibit that's purported to be "the original" but is AS wrong as this...

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