Tuesday, June 10, 2008

More WHO tour pix

As I am houseridden for a bit, I have sorted out a buncha pix from the long long WHO tour. Starting HERE I will post piles of them when I can...

Some more to prove Galstonbury had mud. In excess.
The breakfast we walked a LONG way to get was this yummy concoction; wow!

But it wasn't ALL mud - this is the staging area behind the main stage. Our gear is in the back because we (like the US Marines) are always the first in (7am), and the last out (past midnight).

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Jovanka said...

Every time you post new Glastonbury pix I say a silent prayer that I never have to go back there again. every year it seems to get worse. Maybe one day they'll boil it down to its' essence and it will be just a big pile of poo with a tent on top of it and the vague suggestion of music in the background.